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Lick Our Heels Spotless

18-08-2017 Boots & High Heels

goddesses countess constance and lady dana coming home after a long extended shopping tour to their mansion. they drink some champagne and relax in big couches in the living room of their home.

Cigarette Torture

11-08-2017 Human Ashtrays

here we have the next clip with german bitch lady chanel. "i think i will leave some things to remember today" she says to the slave who enlighted a cigarette for her...

A Cruel Whipping

06-08-2017 Whipping & Caning

"i am going to whip you" mistress ezada says as this new clip starts. and while she saying this she caresses his face with a brown painful looking snake whip and she looks the slave deeply into his eyes. ...

A Brutal Faceslapping

30-07-2017 Female Domination

here we have another phantastic clip from our friends from femdomfoto.de with beautiful german pro dom lady stella. its time for a good dose of hard faceslapping for one of her loyal slaves.

Lick My Flower Heels

25-07-2017 Boots & High Heels

here we have the next clip with superhot pro dom ella kros. she looks absolutely stunning in a semi transparent lilac rubber outfit. on her adorable feet she wears personal flower peeptoepumps with metal heels.

There Is No Escape

21-07-2017 Whipping & Caning

We are today in the slave farm of cruel mistresses. its hidden outside in a secret area in germany. by accident a cage of one slave of this farm was open and he is a lil bit surprised that he is ...

You Are My Ashtray

16-07-2017 Human Ashtrays

new clip with adorable german pro dom black diamoond. she relaxes on a black throne and orders her slave to offer her a cigarette.

A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

14-07-2017 Whipping & Caning

here we have the next clip with very popular goddess miss jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very harsh whipping with her favourite of her - a devilish looking single tail ...

Outdoor Bootworship

07-07-2017 Boots & High Heels

today we have the next clip starring elegant and arrogant blonde mistress empress victoria. we shot this in the garden and her butler slave is on a leash and is brought into the garden by his goddess.

The Whipping Contest

02-07-2017 Whipping & Caning

here we have another phantastic clip with german pro dom lady stella! she is dressed in shiny pvc and is just in the mood to dish out some punishments today for her slaves.