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2 Slaves Punished And Tortured

20-04-2018 Whipping & Caning

here we have another phantastic clip with beautiful mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the bitches are in the mood to have some fun today with their house slaves.

Spoiled Girls Ashtray

16-04-2018 Human Ashtrays

its a wonderful sunny day today and gorgeous young and rich mistress lady chanel wants to relax a lil bit outside in the stables. but even when its time for relax this arrogant beauty wants to deal with one of her ...

Bootworship On The Throne

12-04-2018 Boots & High Heels

today we have another phantastic clip for our big fan community of beautiful strong women wearing leather and boots in command. we have gorgeous blonde goddess mistress akella today in the red throne room.

2 Slaves Dominated And Humiliated

09-04-2018 Human Ashtrays

dominant mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are in the smoking room of their mansion today. dressed in beautiful corsets, black leather skirs, leather gloves and superexpensive high heel pumps on their feet they order their slaves to crawl over to ...

The Sandhour Caning

02-04-2018 Whipping & Caning

today we have the next clip with mistress cloe. she deals here with a prisoner who was ordered to the playroom by his warden and he was already interrogated due to illegal activities going on in the prison.

Bootlicking In The Dungeon

28-03-2018 Boots & High Heels

here is the next clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. we are in the dungeon today where slave are locked away all the times.

Extreme Cruel Double Whipping

22-03-2018 Whipping & Caning

its not a good idea for any slave in this world to perform bad and do a lousy job. and is especially pretty dumb when beeing under 2 cruel ladies.

Whipped And Cropped In The Dungeon

17-03-2018 Whipping & Caning

today we have another phantastic clip starring phantastic goddess empress victoria. before she went out for some riding she promised that her 2 slaves will recieve a good punishment when she comes back and empress victoria keeps her promises always. ...

Cruel Torture On The Rack

13-03-2018 Female Domination

today we have another masterpiece here starring mistress cloe. dressed in expensive hot outfit of leather she announces that she is pretty satisfied with her slave today, so he gets a reward.

So Much Smoke

08-03-2018 Human Ashtrays

mistress akella is already sitting on a bar in the chamber. she orders her slave to crawl over on all fours and give her the leash. then he has to lighten up a cigarette for the goddess, while he have to ...