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Cruel Heels And Human Ashtray

18-07-2018 Boots & High Heels

in this next clip we have a new clip of beautiful german pro dom lady stella! time for some sadistic games with her slave while relaxing a lil bit.

A Lesson With The Cane

16-07-2018 Whipping & Caning

There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. ...

Gallery: Bootlicker Drill

11-07-2018 Femdom Gallery

These slaves are here to become best bootlickers and there is a very good but cruel trainer: Lady Pascal, who is known for heavy training until total exhaustion. Dressed in black leather and overknee boots she makes sure the slaves will ...

Caned Hard By The Leatherlady

09-07-2018 Whipping & Caning

here we have the next clip with goddess mistress akella. she is awaiting her bad slave in the throne hall. the slave comes in in a cage on rolls and is let out: "you will be punished today" mistress akella says. ...

Lick Slaves, Lick!

02-07-2018 Boots & High Heels

next clip with phantastic german pro dom domina charlize! she awaits her slaves in the smoking room, dressed in a hot catsuit and wearing personal superplateau boots with a big silver plateau soles.

Gallery: Arrogant Women In Boots

29-06-2018 Femdom Gallery

Mistress Nemesis is supervising one of the slaves as Countess Stella joins her. Both women are dressed breath taking. Nemesis wears one of her riding outfits and Stella wears skin tight leather trousers combined with a tight white blouse. As always, ...

The Caning Therapy

25-06-2018 Whipping & Caning

we are again in the dungeon today with empress victoria and her 2 slaves. she starts speaking with one of them who is already prepared on the punishment bench with a straightjacket on: "well i heard about how hard it was ...

Gallery: Caned By Mephista

23-06-2018 Femdom Gallery

Downstairs in the cellars, where nobody can hear him screaming, the stunnning Lady Mephista delivers a very hard caning to a slave who is bounded to the punishment bench. The long legged Mistress simply looks amazing in her exciting latex body. ...

Outdoor Smoking

21-06-2018 Human Ashtrays

this new clip starts outdoor in the areal of german superhot pro dom black diamoond. one of her slave is at work here by cleaning the ground while he is masked and naked.

Serving The Goddess

18-06-2018 Boots & High Heels

Lady Chanel is a goddess who must be worshipped and serverd every day around the clock, especially when she is dressed like today, in a short and shiny black dress that shows off her high erotic body.