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The Malicious Landlady 2

23-12-2016 Whipping & Caning

Do you remember the luxury landlady who increased the rent so much that a young man was no longer able to pay? She offered him a special payment. She opened her handbag and took out a thin bullwhip.

Extreme Cigarette Torture

21-12-2016 Female Domination

Ezada stands cloes to a naked slave who is fixed into a wooden rack. She smiles at him while she lights up a cigaretta and looks down at the slave. So many marks from earlier punishments. Especially his cock looks more ...

Gallery: Whipping The Working Slaves

18-12-2016 Femdom Gallery

Being a working slave in the rich ladies mansion is no easy life. These slaves are permanent humiliated, whipped and caned, no matter how hard they work. Especially if the owners are Lady Dana and Countess Constance, two women known as ...

A Lesson With The Cane

16-12-2016 Whipping & Caning

There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. ...

Life Is Not Easy

14-12-2016 Boots & High Heels

Domina Liza is ready for a ride, dressed in her skin tight leather trousers, knee high boots and a white blouse. Before she leaves the house she wants to make sure that her boots are spotless. She wants them absolute clean, ...

Gallery: Punished By Jessica Wood

11-12-2016 Femdom Gallery

An hour glass, ab painful cane and a strictly dressed Mistress Jessica. That means a very hard time for the slave who will be punished merciless.

The Cruel Fetish Model

09-12-2016 Female Domination

Do you like long legged models in skin tight latex? This clip will make you breathless. Mistress Akella is also known as a foto model but the beautiful blonde lady has a secret. She loves to torture males especially she loves ...

Do You Smoke?

07-12-2016 Human Ashtrays

That's the way the young but cruel Miss Tess wants her slave. Laying on the flor, the hands chained up over their heads so she can sit down on them and be sure that they are not able to touch her. ...

Summer Day Whipping

04-12-2016 Whipping & Caning

It's a nice and hot summer day as the old slave is chaind by his young Mistress. He knows it is time for a whipping, just for her pleasure. Otherwise she would not dress like this. Victoria wears a dress that ...

Punished For Wanking

02-12-2016 Female Domination

As Mistress Whiplash and Miss Jessica return from a ride, they find one of the stable slave wanking in front of their riding boots. This is so disgusting and of course needs immediately punishment. They still wear their stiletto heeled boots ...