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Human Ashtray And Spitting

16-02-2018 Human Ashtrays

here comes the next clip with superhot adorable mistress domina charlize. both of her slaves already awaiting her on all fours as she comes back from some riding.

Red Ass Needed

12-02-2018 Whipping & Caning

as this new clip starts sadistic bitch mistress akella is on the phone talking to her friend. the friend brought her slave to mistress akella to deal with him.

Red Cane, Red Cock

08-02-2018 Whipping & Caning

when it comes to absolut natural sadism there are not many ladies in this world compared to mistress ezada. need a proof? then watch this clip!

Punished For Blasphemy 1

04-02-2018 Whipping & Caning

today we start with a clip devided in 2 parts cuz it is too long. story: clip starts with an older slave of german pro dom lady pascal. he telephones with his friend stephan talking about the girlfriend of lady pascal ...

Gallery: Domina Charlize

31-01-2018 Femdom Gallery

enjoy this bonus picture set of our stunning new lady domina charlize! she looks absolutely amazing in her wetlook bodysuit, her chain harness and those black buckeled tower boots. her long stiletto nails are perfectly matching the leather whip she is ...

Worship My Long Boots Slave

29-01-2018 Boots & High Heels

next clip today is for our fans of boot domination. starring beautiful blonde mistress akella she is wearing a white blouse, a red leather corset, shiny leather trousers and expensive long leather boots.

Flogged And Belted By The Bikerlady

23-01-2018 Female Domination

today we have here a new part of our "bikerlady"-series starring again gorgeous mistress cloe. her slave is already bound to a lifting block and mistress cloe brings his arms up first.

Domination With High Heels

17-01-2018 Boots & High Heels

next clip today we have with empress victoria! this rich and arrogant bitch was shopping and all the time her slave has to wait for her tied in front of the door.

6 Canings In 24 Hours

12-01-2018 Whipping & Caning

we are very very glad to present a new stunning mistress here! lets welcome german pro dom from hamburg domina charlize! as we got in contact with her she told us that she was sadistic as long as she knows, now ...

Torture With Cigarette

05-01-2018 Human Ashtrays

the next clip we offer you today starring adorable blonde lady mistress akella. she is dressed in leather in the dungeon today sitting on her throne.