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Lick My Red Pumps Slave

16-01-2019 Boots & High Heels

lets go on today with a new clip of phantastic goddess mistress akella. she is dressed in black wonderful rubber sitting on a throne and on her gorgeous feet are red shiny high heel pumps in a classic style.

The Cruel Wardens

10-01-2019 Whipping & Caning

These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of ...

Testing Floggers And Whips

06-01-2019 Whipping & Caning

domina charlize is very pleased today. she has new floggers in her collection and new whips. so her 2 houseslaves are already ordered to present their bodies in the hall of the mansion.

Gallery: Rich Girl's Bootslave

02-01-2019 Femdom Gallery

What a nice day today, best weather to enjoy the sun. The young lady Chanel is used to spend the day with important things like make-up, styling, her finger nails and relaxing while the slaves are working hard around the mansion. ...

Testing A New Slave

29-12-2018 Whipping & Caning

here we have another phantastic new clip with mistress akella. clip starts with a knocking on the door and a slave trader opens the door for mistress akella. she is very angry due to the calls of the trader on the ...

The Lousy Butler

25-12-2018 Female Domination

the house butler is cleaning. cleaning in the smoking room. mistress nemesis and lady sofia appear, dressed in superhot corsets, leather skirts and leather gloves. the butler has to kneel down and for bad cleaning he gets for sure a punishment. ...

Angry, Cruel And Brutal

21-12-2018 Female Domination

Mistress Akella is the strict head Mistress of the male correction castle. The castle is known for severe methods to make a man a good slave. Every little mistake will be punished immediately. The female instructors wear heavy leather trousers, leather ...

Gallery: Sofia The Officer

17-12-2018 Femdom Gallery

Today we present a phantastic image set with 31 pics of stunning lady sofia wearing a suuuuuuperhot wetlook police officer catsuit, gloves and boots you are going to lick from where you belong - the floor!

Punished For Blasphemy 2

13-12-2018 Whipping & Caning

today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he ...

We Break You

10-12-2018 Female Domination

It's deep at night, round about 2 am, as the door of the cellar is opened and 2 of the cruel guards enter the small, dark room, where the prisoner tries to get some sleep after a day full of whipping ...