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Stick Your Tongue Out

24-03-2019 Human Ashtrays

today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom domina liza. the mistress relaxes on a leather couch while her slave is bound in a pillory in front of her, impossible to move.


19-03-2019 Female Domination

Late at night Mistress Akella returns from a party, dressed in a skin tight, red dress that caught your breath and expensive stiletto heels. The blond beauty lays down on a couch, claps her hands and says: "Property, come here!"

Pure Arrogance

15-03-2019 Boots & High Heels

here is the next clip with gorgeous goddess black diamoond. she is looking superstunning with sun glasses, a white blouse, leather gloves, leather trousers and special expensive designer ankle boots. she relaxes with her smartphone in a comfortable seat in the ...

Hang Em - Cane Em!

11-03-2019 Whipping & Caning

"now i punish you just for fun" is how this clip starts with beautiful and natural cruel bitch miss sarah. she has already prepared her slave in an unusual and painful position with his hanging in the air, his head to ...

Gallery: Wealthy Women Club

08-03-2019 Femdom Gallery

The wealthy women club is a club for rich and dominant women. The club is disguised as a riding club but behind closed doors there are men who live their life as slaves and the wealthy ladies can do with them ...

The Caning Massage 1

05-03-2019 Whipping & Caning

today we start with another special double feature starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. she is dressed in leather and an old client appears dressed in a dressing gown.

Ezada's Ashtray Training

02-03-2019 Human Ashtrays

As Ezada lights up her long white cigarette, the leather clad lady looks down at her slave. "Well, you brought me cigarettes but no ashtray.", she says and the slave answers that she can use him as an human ashtray. Ezada ...

Gallery: Bootlicking Session

26-02-2019 Femdom Gallery

today we present a new gallery starring wonderful empress victoria domination her two slaves... boot domination at it's best!

Painful Motivation

22-02-2019 Boots & High Heels

A slave is cleaning the yard as the sound of sharp high heels comes closer and Lady Chanel appears, dressed in a skin tight and shiny dress, seamed stockings and high heels. "Oh Mistress, I am finished in a few seconds!", ...

Worship My Heels

20-02-2019 Boots & High Heels

this new clip starts with a very closeup view to the soles of goddess countess stella. and as we can see she often wears these heels cuz they are very very dirty under the soles.