Human Ashtrays

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Ashtray In The Mansion

here we have another phantastic clip with cruel bitch countess stella. relaxing on her leather sofa in her mansion wearing a tight black latex outfit its time for some amusment with her slave.

Do You Smoke?

That's the way the young but cruel Miss Tess wants her slave. Laying on the flor, the hands chained up over their heads so she can sit down on them and be sure that they are not able to touch her. And who would not like to touch her in her skin tight leggings and the black leather top that shows off her big breasts? Breathtaking view.

Riding Girl's Ashtray Slave

The young Lady Chanel is one of the girls at the stables who think they can allow themself everything. Even making the stable boys her private slave. And you know: You would like to be at this slave's place so much.

Tortured With Cigarettes

british pro dom and arrogant bitch miss jessica relaxes on a sofa. she orders her slave to come over and take his skirt of. next he has to give her a cigarette and enlighten it.

Outdoor Smoking

this new clip starts outdoor in the areal of german superhot pro dom black diamoond. one of her slave is at work here by cleaning the ground while he is masked and naked.

Spoiled Girls Ashtray

its a wonderful sunny day today and gorgeous young and rich mistress lady chanel wants to relax a lil bit outside in the stables. but even when its time for relax this arrogant beauty wants to deal with one of her slaves. she sits down, ignoring mostly the slave who is ordered to crawl as close as possible to his goddess, open his pathetic slave mouth to get the ash of the cigarette from the lady.

2 Slaves Dominated And Humiliated

dominant mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are in the smoking room of their mansion today. dressed in beautiful corsets, black leather skirs, leather gloves and superexpensive high heel pumps on their feet they order their slaves to crawl over to them and to serve them.

So Much Smoke

mistress akella is already sitting on a bar in the chamber. she orders her slave to crawl over on all fours and give her the leash. then he has to lighten up a cigarette for the goddess, while he have to kneel all the time.

Human Ashtray And Spitting

here comes the next clip with superhot adorable mistress domina charlize. both of her slaves already awaiting her on all fours as she comes back from some riding.

Torture With Cigarette

the next clip we offer you today starring adorable blonde lady mistress akella. she is dressed in leather in the dungeon today sitting on her throne.