Human Ashtrays

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Cigarette Torture

here we have the next clip with german bitch lady chanel. "i think i will leave some things to remember today" she says to the slave who enlighted a cigarette for her...

You Are My Ashtray

new clip with adorable german pro dom black diamoond. she relaxes on a black throne and orders her slave to offer her a cigarette.

I Love To Play With You

here we have another phantastic clip starring beautiful supersadist ezada. filmed in a lounge this mistress doesnt need much to play with her slaves. just a cigarette is enough.

Humiliated And Misused

next clip with gorgeous german pro dom lady pascal and her leather slave. this slave is really into leather like many other slaves, but he has to earn the privilege to sniff on the leather or even to be touched by this magic material.

Do You Smoke?

That's the way the young but cruel Miss Tess wants her slave. Laying on the flor, the hands chained up over their heads so she can sit down on them and be sure that they are not able to touch her. And who would not like to touch her in her skin tight leggings and the black leather top that shows off her big breasts? Breathtaking view.

Ezada's Ashtray Training

As Ezada lights up her long white cigarette, the leather clad lady looks down at her slave. "Well, you brought me cigarettes but no ashtray.", she says and the slave answers that she can use him as an human ashtray. Ezada smiles and she is immediately aroused by this offer.

Masked And Abused

This slave is abused and humiliated twice by the mean Mistress Kassi. She has his face masked completely although she knows that this slave is such a big leather fetishist. Kassi has dressed herself in a skin tight leather dress and she wears exclusive leather gloves. But her slave is not allowed to see that.

Riding Girl's Ashtray Slave

The young Lady Chanel is one of the girls at the stables who think they can allow themself everything. Even making the stable boys her private slave. And you know: You would like to be at this slave's place so much.