Boots & High Heels

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Arrogant Women In Boots

Mistress Nemesis is supervising one of the slaves as Countess Stella joins her. Both women are dressed breath taking. Nemesis wears one of her riding outfits and Stella wears skin tight leather trousers combined with a tight white blouse. As always, both ladies wears stiletto heeled boots.

"Look at my boots, they are already dusty again!". Nemesis says and she claps her hands. The slave immediately interrupts his work and crawls to the lady's feet. "Look at my boots!", Nemesis says and the slave answers that they look fine. Of course, without any hesitation Nemesis brings down her thin dressage whip on his back and the slave moans in pain.

He is then ordered to starts cleaning the boots with his tongue. Every little inch has to be spotless and of course, also Stella's boots need a well trained slave tongue. Much work for the slave to clean the boots of two arrogant ladies because they both are very sophisticated. But they both have their dressage whips to motivate him.

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