Boots & High Heels

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The Stress Test

If Jessica Wood and Nikki Whiplash decide to have some fun with a slave, this boy is really in trouble. Like this slave who is made to serve both ladies at the same time.

Both women sit face to face with each other. Dressed in skin tight jodhpurs and corsets, completed with stiletto heeled boots. They look so stunning, every slave should be lucky to serve them. But, how can he satisfy them if both of them want their boots to be cleaned?

While this slave licks Nikki's boots, she says that their are two pairs of boots today and at the same moment she order him to lick Jessica's boots now. So he has to crawl over and lick Jessica's shiny boots. But a moment after he started, Jessica orders him to lick Nikki's boots now, just to call him back after a few seconds. But now Nikki is calling him. As if it isn't hard enough to clean the boots, this slave becomes really breathless from jumpung between the cruel ladies, who have a lot of fun playing that devilish game with him.

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