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Serving The Goddess

Lady Chanel is a goddess who must be worshipped and serverd every day around the clock, especially when she is dressed like today, in a short and shiny black dress that shows off her high erotic body.

"Slave, come here!", the young lady says with an arrogant voice and the old slave who appears has to kneel down. "Start licking my high heels", Chanel says without any respect for his age, he exists to serve the young Mistress. That's her point of view and she is used to have males around her who are nothing else than slaves.

The old slaves does his best job, what a great honour for him to be so close to this goddess' stunning legs, feet and shoes. With big passion he sucks the heels and cleans the shoes with his tongue. Chanel looks down at him with an arrogant face. What a beautiful life...

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