Whipping & Caning

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A Cruel Whipping

"i am going to whip you" mistress ezada says as this new clip starts. and while she saying this she caresses his face with a brown painful looking snake whip and she looks the slave deeply into his eyes.

she doesnt say it loud, more with a soft quite voice, but we all know: when a real sadist gets quite and soft, the more pain is ahead!"will you take the pain for me slave?" she asks while pulling his nipples. then he has to kiss the whip. then she starts to whip him. first a lil soft to find the right distance, but soon she gets into severe and accurate strokes. mistress ezada is absolutely perfect in punishment. the strokes land always in the desired area, so no accidental strokes. beeing a real sadist she enoys every second of this and she knows - the more accurate she whips a slave, the more he suffers and the more she has fun and the longer it will go. in the end our slave is totally broken and as a reward he gets more nipple pulling. if you are into whipping and punishment you will love this one.

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