Whipping & Caning

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Outdoor Education

a wonderful summer day, a pathetic slave around - it seems to be a perfect day for adorable mistress lady chanel.

while she enjoys the sun and relaxes her slave is misused as a glass holder. to make it more uncomfortable for him he has some nipple clips attached to his nipples with some weights on it. and bitchy as lady chanel is she loves to make it even more worse for him when playing a lil bit with the weights with her riding crop. and the slave has to balance the glas all the time. he starts to moan out under the treatment of lady chanel but he fails. the glass goes down splattering the champagne on the ground. of course this leads to some vicious punishment. lady chanel starts to slap his face very harshly, lefthand, forehand. then she rips off the nipple clamps of his tits which is very painful, followed by more hard slaps. then the slave is ordered to lick her boots clean. as he is also a stupid slave with this she gives him some harsh strokes with her riding crop. next more hard slaps against his face. the punishment does not end here. lady chanel stands up and while he has to lick her boots further on she brings down her riding crop more and more and more and more.

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