Whipping & Caning

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Caned Hard By The Latexlady

Wonderful new clip starring sadistic mistress countess stella. as she enters the hall of her mansion her slave is already prepared where he belong to - over a punishment rack.

"well, you are already here. good". even with no hesitation she starts to cane the ass of her victim with good firm hard strokes of her rattan cane. just to amuse her and cuz he looked at her too much. countess stella is never in a hurry when applying a punishment, she canes a male slave systematically from beginning. sometimes she takes a break for herself just to give out more harder strokes for the next dose of strokes. she also loves to ask her slaves questions that they have no chance to answer her right. well to make a long story short he has to count the last 20 strokes, backwards. wonderful hard caning clip with an adorable latex mistress!

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