Whipping & Caning

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Punishmentday In Block C

in our prison here its end of the week which means, that our inmates has to appear to the warden (do ya see the cool uniform outfit nemesis wears here?) with their punishment book, where all faults of last week are noticed by the wardens of the prison. she reads the entries and announces that those inmates will suffer today for that...

and they will really suffer... so she first demonstrates her power with the cane when doing some exercise-strokes on the punishment... ooooouch... this is going to hurt... and then the poor prisoners have to bend over the bench and recieve the hiding of their life! they both recieve 30 vicious stroke of the cane (one gets 5 extras...) and then after their asses are striped pretty well they are sent away... this is class a hardcore femdom caning action with a supergreat mistress!!!

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