Whipping & Caning

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How To Behave

"do you know if this is the right way to residenz avalon?" beautiful mistress akella asks a slave that is quite busy outdoor cleaning the ground. "i dont know miss. i work now." the pathetic slave answers. not a good idea to behave in this way, not kneeling, not answering properly to a mistress like akella.

so akella leads the poor idiot to an outdoor pillory and get him into it. she takes out also a vicious rattan cane and its time for the slave now to suffer. she will teach him some respekt with the cane by applying very hard and merciless strokes on his ass. the caning goes on and on and on. hard rapid strokes from both back- and forehand on the bare ass and nice welts spring on it instantly. but this is the right way to teach lousy slaves like this one. badly for the slave he is left in the pillory at the end so his owner will ask several more questions if she will find him there and the ground is not cleaned well.

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