Female Domination

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Until You Fail

Mean, meaner, Lady Pascal... would be the best discription of this clip starring Lady Pascal in a very nasty mood.

It looks like a simple task first. The slave gets a gag with a small tray attached to it and Lady Pascal puts her glas on it. All he has to to is to keep it in balance. That should be possible, even you kneel in front of a lady in skin tight leather and tigh high boots. But have you seen Pascal's long and sharp red nails?

So, the simple task will turn into something impossible, because Lady Pascal starts to squeeze his nipples now and she pinches her sharp nails into it. The slave is not able to moan because of the gag and he has big problems to keep the glas in balance. "Keep it on they tray or I will punish you!", Lady Pascal threatens but we all know that she will continue to use her nails until he fails.

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