Female Domination

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Interrogating The Smugglers - Part 1

Three slaves were caught smuggling something into the closed area of an big femdom house. Or did they just take a walk? Who cares. It's a very welcome reason for the two sadistic guards to have some cruel fun with them.

All 3 prisoners are lead into a small interrogation room, deep down in the cellars. Nobody will hear them here. Stella and Nemesis are in the mood to see them suffer. You can see that the way they walk, they can't wait to start slapping the first slave's face.

And so they start. With gloved hands, without gloves. Very hard face slaps. Nemesis even uses her leather gloves to hit the slave's face. They laught a lot while the the slave suffers in pain. And Nemesis grabs his hair and neck and presents his face to Stella for more heavy face slaps...

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