Human Ashtrays

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I Want A Big Ashtray

"I need a big ashtray for my cigarette!", Lady Pascal says, after the slave has lighted up her cigarette. The cruel woman is dressed in black leather and she simply looks stunning. She inhales the smoke, blows it into the slaves eyes and puts one of her stiletto heeled shoes on his hand. "Hold my foot, so I can relax!", she orders him.

While Pascal enjoys her cigarette, she arrogantly talks to her slave. "It's not really a healthy life as a slave", she says and blows more smoke into his face. Her long, sharp, red polished fingernails look so dangerous and make an exciting contrast to the black leather. The slave has to open his mouth and the mean lady drops the hot ash on his tongue.

This old slave is well trained, so Pascal doesn't need to tell him that she expects a clean tongue when he opens his mouth again. The slave tries his best to swallow everything. A dirty tongue would mean pain, that's clear. Apart from this fact, there is no doubt where the devilish lady will stomp out her cigarette.

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