Human Ashtrays

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Masked And Abused

This slave is abused and humiliated twice by the mean Mistress Kassi. She has his face masked completely although she knows that this slave is such a big leather fetishist. Kassi has dressed herself in a skin tight leather dress and she wears exclusive leather gloves. But her slave is not allowed to see that.

All he can hear is the sound of the skin tight leather, as Kassi bends over and takes a long white cigarette. He can smell her expensive leather gloves as she opens the mask a little bit, just wide enough to make him able to present his tongue to the young Mistress. She tells him that she is going to use him as her human ashtray, while she makes him feel her stiletto heels. Another thrill for him.

While Kassi enjoys her cigarette and the power over that slave, she drops the hot ash on his tongue and everytime he has to swallow the ash and he has to present an clean tongue again. Later, Kassi opens the mask and allows him to watch her smoking in this leather outfit. But he has to pay a price: The mean lady digs her spiked heels into his legs and nipples several again and again...

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