Human Ashtrays

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2 Slaves Dominated And Humiliated

dominant mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are in the smoking room of their mansion today. dressed in beautiful corsets, black leather skirs, leather gloves and superexpensive high heel pumps on their feet they order their slaves to crawl over to them and to serve them.

they want to smoke and order the slaves to give them cigarettes and lighten them on. lady sofia shows her pure sadism here, while the old kneeling slave has to catch the zippo and she hold it so far away that he cant reach it. both ladies humiliate the slaves by blowing full loads of smoke into their faces or they are misused as a foot rest. of course they are also misused as human ashtrays too. cruel mistress nemesis torturing the old slave too by digging her heel into his nipples. she also turns out the rest of the cigarette on the chest of him and he also has to eat the rest of the cigarettes. class a femdom at its finest as usual!

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